Elegant Arms - Part Two: with Zils

Conditioning, Technique, Traveling and Drills

Elegant arms while wearing and playing zils (finger cymbals) are one of the main elements that makes FatChanceBellyDance® feel and look so powerfully graceful.

In part two of this Elegant Arms class, Katarzina is back with another fantastic warm up and conditioning sequence. Then she'll teach you the tricks to maintaining the elegance while adding the weight of your finger cymbals.

She includes tips on hand posture, moving your arms in space and traveling in and out of chorus.

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  Elegant Arms
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Katarzyna Lidia
Katarzyna Lidia

Katarzyna Lidia is a instructor of FCBD® Style, FCBD® Sister Studio and author of Movement Dialect with flamenco fan: the Siren Project.


Katarzyna in 2011 received her General Skills Certification in Dillenburg, in 2014 the Teacher Training Certification in Rochstock (London) and in 2015 the Sister Studio Continuing Education Re-Certification. In 2019 she did a Technique for Teachers course in Santa Fe (New Mexico, US) with Carolena Nericcio and Megha Gavin. Her goal is to get the best dance technique and improve the improvisation skills in pure FCBD® format.

Teacher’s experience / work in Poland

She teaches FCBD® format at Hamsa Dance School which is the greatest school in Warsaw dedicated to diverse oriental styles. An important event during the school year is the dance camp (FCBD® Flow Camp in September), which they organize together with Agata Zakrzewska (other FCBD® Sister Studio in Warsaw and dance partner of Katarzyna).

Flamenco inspired ATS® Dialect Movement / in Poland and abroad

She likes to emphasize the flamenco background in FCBD® and supported her dance with flamenco classes (recently she fell in love with Bravat's fusion flamenco style).

Since 2014 she has developed the flamenco inspired Dialect Movement with flamenco fan. At the beginning of 2016 she with Agata Zakrzewska set up the Siren Project – dance troupe and workshop project. It is also the name of their flamenco-inspired movement dialect with fan and manton.

She is also inspired by Devi Mamak dance style. She met Devi for the first time in 2014 in the UK and since that time she has explored flamenco flavor in fusion bellydance. In 2016, when Devi was in Warsaw at Tribal Halfa Festival, they performed together with the whole group The Siren Project to song Lhasa desdenosa in Devi's choreography.

The dialect is still developing; Agata and Katarzyna are open to other styles and props as long as they support the overall flamenco expression in FCBD®. While the fan dialect is taking the final shape.

Flamenco inspired FCBD® Dialect Movement become more popular and since 2016 Katarzyna has taught during international festivals and events (as Tribal Weekend in Kiev, Roma Tribal Meeting, Sommerfrishe in Offenbach, Tribal Bridge China, 200% ATS® Monfalcone, Tribal Fest Budapest, ATS Retreat in France, Tribal.Pro in Kazakhstan). Over the past year, she has produced a five-step dialect-fan online course (including one in collaboration with Devi Mamak) and she was exploring the connections of flamenco and fusion.

Performance experience

Dancing is sharing: with other dancers, musicians and the audience. Katarzyna loves to collaborate with musicians and Djs during festivals and concerts at big and small stages. She performed with Adeb Chamoun Group and Afgan Brothers (oriental, afgan, middle east and caucasian music groups); Karolina Cicha (Tatar music concert in in Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw); Bum Bum Orkestar and Bubliczki (balkan music troupes); Chanahgurd band (folk rock music band). She also worked with Warsaw Balkan Madness DJ and performed solo and with her groups during his several parties.

Academic education

Katarzyna is also PhD of Philosophy with a main interest in aesthetics and visual art.

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