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Our favorite costuming duo is back!! We're celebrating our YouTube Premiere with a whole segment dedicated to getting ready with Tournesol!

Lacey and Monica will guide you step-by-step as they get performance ready. Along with their normal fun and shenanigans, these two will also share why they chose certain pieces, tips on layering as well as examples of ways they have simplified their costume.

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Tournesol Adornment
Tournesol Adornment

Tournesol Adornment began in 2016 by husband and wife team Monica and Frank Zvonchenko who both share a deep passion for antiquities, rarities, and oddities. Monica had been studying bellydance with Florida Tribal Dance and had joined their Tribal Improv Troupe, Blue Caravan when she decided to take her love of costuming to the next level.

Flash forward to the start of 2018 and Florida Tribal Dance director, Lacey Sanchez was brought on board. Lacey and Monica share a deep love for the ritual of collecting all things old and well traveled. They each feel the act of making one's own costuming is an integral part of this unique artform. Committed to not only providing rare and special costuming pieces, Monica and Lacey also want to make Tournesol a resource to the community so that dancers have a reference for where items come from, their original uses, how to sew and utilize these pieces, and so much more.

The future is bright and like our name, Tournesol is French for Sunflower, we have our eyes looking up and out on all we have planned for the future.

So be sure to come by and say hello the next time you see us at your local event, we’ll be the ladies in hats!

Want to know a little more about what they offer? Check out their Intro Video!

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